By:  Low ss


Cover removed.


All parts removed.

Must buy new o-ring or reuse one from LT1 water pump.

I used the water pump wire kit from innovative wiring, Great kit!

"This is a plug and play harness, no holes to drill or wires to cut.  This harness has a 40amp relay and a 15 amp auto reset circuit breaker."
I used this kit on my impala. The kit is super easy to install, made of very high quality parts.

Hope this helps you guys!

O-Ring Information:
What's the diameter and OD of the O ring? We might be able to locate an alternate from like Grainger or something.


My cheap HF calipers say the pump diameter the "O" ring needs to fit is 3.565" and the ring is .100" thick (round)

IIRC the O ring does stretch slightly to fit so 3.560" should be fine

Unless dealersship does not have anymore, the ring was a few $ IIRC

3 - 9/
16" overall diameter; one hundred thousandths thick. Roger.

Dash 153 by my observation. Cost is $0.24 for two in the 70 durometer nitrile.


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