Digital Dash Repair


By: Ryan DC (SimplyTheBess)

1. Spread the harness out. If you order from DDM tuning you do NOT need the extra harness that you pay $15.00 for.

2. the last 2 DDM harness's have had the Hi/Lo switches swapped so you have to swap the Blue and Brown wires. I've found it easiest to get them out using a very small allen wrench or anything with a very small point.

3. You want it to look like this when you are done.

4. Last thing you want to do to the harness before you start trying to put it in the car is add a piece that will connect to the secondary postive terminal. Basically cut the wire with the fuse on it towards the end and spice on an extension piece. You can see mine here. The reason for this is the stock harness has this wire too short.

5. Put the bulbs in.

6. Installed bulb. (make sure it clicks in there) I was replacing the harness so I don't have a good shot of it going in just installed

7. Ballasts

8. Installed (the 2 openings left will connect to the harness

9. Remove air intake system battery and anything else in your way.

10. Removed stuff (yes I know my battery tray is rusted!)

11. I start the harness install at the 2nd postive battery post in the passenger side back by the fuse box (remember to run the cable under the coolant resiviour)

12. This is how I ran mine

13. I then hook up the balast to the passenger headlight. I hide the wires as much as I can. Just trying to make sure the connections are NOT the low point where water will sit the longest.

14. Then is another shot of the same thing. You can see here where I connected the ground cable (Top left of picture)

15. Then I hook up the relay box next to the battery near the ground.

16. Now that the passenger side is hooked up, run the remaining cable over to the driver side. I zip strip mine to a few places on the bracket (can't see mine under my air intake system anyway)

17. I zipped my ballast to the top of the PCM I don't have the stock box here but there may be enough room to do this even with the stock box.

18. Enjoy your new lights!

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