Dana's 95 Buick Roadmaster

Make: Buick Owner Name: Dana Mitchell
Model: Roadmaster Elite Wagon Year of Purchase: 1995
Year: 1995 Owner Location:  Black Jack, MO
Color: Chocolate Metallic Brown/Black

Modifications: RAISS Intake, Electric Fan Conversion, PCM4Less Program, Clear Image Tri-Y Headers and Cats, SLP Mufflers w/ dumps, Air Ride Technologies Suspension, Hotchkis Sway Bars, Polyurethane Suspension, Global West LCAs, Boyd Coddington Smoothie II's 18"/20", Bravada Console/Floor Shift Conversion, Bonneville Front and Rear Seats, Navigation/DVD, Headlight Harness Upgrade, Smoked Rear Lens, Impala Grill and Bumper, Shaved Rear Handles.

Additional Mods: Pager Alarm w/ Remote Start, Lots of sound deadening, 6.5" components up front w. 6"x9"s in the rear and a single 12" Sub.  Sub box, amps and air ride valves are location in place of the rear seat.  Tank and pump for air ride is located in the spare tire area. 

A little back story on the paint:  I had most of these mods completed but was rolling around with stock paint, wood, and stainless trim.  I loved the way the car looked and would have continued to keep it that way until a hail storm in 05 left the trim and much of the front end destroyed.  After much arguing with the insurance I threw another few thousand in and had the body work and paint redone.  All the trim was removed, frond end replaced, and the paint was laid on as you see it.  I was insistant on the paint line so that lead to shaving the rear handle so as not to deviate the line.  Ghost Flames are along the front fender, drivers door, and just onto the rear door.  I love that most people don't even notice until they are pointed out and it really has to be directly in the sun for them to pop.  They were created by darkening a stock shade of a stock Nissan Metallic Brown.  The belt is broken with a gun metal grey, while the top is black. 

Future Mods include 3.73 gears and T-56.  I also have a strobe kit I would like to install.  With nearly 170K motor work is in the near future as well.  I have a set of ported cast heads, comp cam, and mixed roller rockers I would like to install as well.  Also the firewall and inner fenders need to be cleaned and painted as well due to the updated paint job.

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