Ryan's 94 Impala SS

Make: Chevy Owner Name: Ryan 
Model: Impala SS Year of Purchase: 2010
Year: 1994 Owner Location:  Belleville, IL
Color: Standard Oxide Black

Ryan's Impala SS was purchased back in 2010 with roughly 150,000 miles on it.  Since then Ryan has slowly been restoring the car to it's former glory.  With the help of his father Guy, other GRAIL members, and the countless
 articles from the ISSCA forums, Ryan has replaced the waterpump, thermostat, coolant and heater hoses, replaced the HID headlights, capped the air pump lines at the manifold, replaced the sway bar links and shocks, as well as installing the stealth bolt, fixing the window rollers and one bad window motor, and other minor and typical maintence items.

Ryan purchased his car from Clay and drove all the way from St. Louis, MO to Trenton, NJ to pick it up.  Since then Ryan has kept in contact with Clay through E-mail and Facebook.  Clay is always happy to see his car get the care and attention it deserves!

While most of the work in the last year or so has been on correcting problems and safety items there has been room for a few performance items here and there.  The air intake is a beefy dual K&N RAISS set up and the air pump has been removed as well.  The exhaust mufflers have been replaced with Flowmaster 44s.

The future for Ryan's car is still undetermined but he completed a complete front end suspension rebuild back in Fall of 2011. 

This year (2012) he has replaced spark plugs and plug wires, upgrading the entire exhaust system, including Try-Y headers. 

Next year Ryan will start working on engine upgrades!


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