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We found the below information, articles, videos, and links, worth while and wanted a place to share that information with our members and fellow enthusiasts.  We take no responsibility for what YOU do to YOUR car.

 How to 'Tune-up" an Impala

LT1 Information   
 Go FaSSt Basics

 Qalo's SS Handbook

Oil Filter info   
(Note part #s are incorrect)   

 Starter Replacement

 Starter Solenoid Information

Opti Information  

Opti Tune-up Part 1  

Opti Tune-up Part 2  

Replacing the Opti Seal  

 Oil Change "How to"


 Fuel Tank/Fuel Pump removal  

Refurbishing and recalibrating the  fuel sending unit  

Trunk Template
Headlight Cover Template
 HID Install Guide
Washing your car  
Products and procedures
 Real SS or Clone?
Power Antenna R&R  

 Astrovan Overhead console Install

Window Roller Replacement    


 Turn Signal Spring Replacement
1996 Odometer Fix  
 1994/95 Digital Dash Repair
Bonneville Seat Install   left view of the 12 way seats
 Pass-Key Bypass

4L60E technician's guide  

 T56 Manual Transmission Install  Guide

 Front End Rebuild  
 Steering Box Replacement    

 Exhaust Science Demystified

Air Pump Disable Video  

Air pump Disable forum topic  

 Tri Y Header Install

Brake Bolt Mod  

Instructions and Pictures  



Replacing the Waterpump  
And Optispark Seals  
 Water Pump Replacement
 LT1 Reverse Cooling Info

Electric Water Pump Installation  
Mechanical Fan Replacement  
For Caprice & 9C1 Owners

 B-Body Parts list
 Right click and "Save as" (136MBs)

VIN Decoder

 Exploded Views

 More Exploded Views


Convoy Info  
 NAISSO Digest

 XeroX Digest

 94 Impala SS Information Kit  

 95 Impala SS Information Kit  

 96 Impala SS Information Kit  


Misc Information
(Guides with no pictures just text)
From the good ol' days
Standard Impala Abbreviations  
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